I’ll take a ballpark any day … especially when the Astros are playing

A few days late, but Game No. 1 of the 2019 MLB season for me to attend is in the books. And even though my beloved Astros are off to an unexpected 2-5 start, they managed to snag one Monday night. Our group included eight guys and one lady, and four of us (including the lady) were rooting for the Astros. As it should be.

It was a chilly April 1 night (and for some reason I kept my jacket crumpled up in my lap until we were leaving), but the Astros’ 2-1 triumph over the host Rangers was enough to keep me from getting too cold. After the Rangers, dang it, took the next two games, that leaves them with only 75 left to play in their beautiful outdoor stadium before moving across the street to a $1.1 billion retractable-roofer next season. Yippee.

I grew up with the Astrodome and loved it — still do, and don’t care much for Minute Maid Park — because it was the first of its kind and magnificent in every way (OK, so I’m a little biased). It held me in awe each time I stepped inside as a kid, most often with Dad, who took me to every game I earned straight-A tickets for at Conroe High School. But I also fell in love with Globe Life Park — born as The Ballpark in Arlington — when it opened a mere 25 years ago. The place has so much character and class, such an old-time aura, and I’m gonna miss that when the new digs open next year. Hopefully Globe Life FIELD will replicate some of that nostalgia.

Moments after the Astros knocked off the Rangers 2-1 Monday night.

By the way, in the photo with me are some of the group that came out Monday: From left, Jeff Cavallin, me, Jeff Rubinett and Milt Collins (who got us a great deal on upper-deck seats for 15 bucks a pop, smack behind home plate). We were also joined by the greatness of Ted Ingram, Frank Smith, his son Kyle Ryan Smith, Marc Johnson and his Astros fan wife, Lisa.

Go ‘Stros!!

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