To my birthday twin, my big brother, lots of love and happy wishes for many more to come

On this 60th birthday, I’m grateful for so much. You all know how long-winded I can be? That’s how I’d be if I were to ramble on about all the good things in my life.

But this post, which I promise to keep (relatively) short, is all about my big brother Crys Workman, who shares today’s birthday with me. He’s 17 years older (born 2-28-44), so he’s now a young 77. He, our sister Terry and brother Robin (RIP) came into my world in 2005, and it’s grown infinitely in love, the incredibly warm feeling of truly belonging, and the sharing of family memories I never would have experienced if not for my search and discovery after so many long years of not knowing.

The most wonderful day imaginable, in July 2005: I (at left) met my sister Terry, a day after meeting our brother Crys (right). This was at Terry’s home in Arvada, Colorado.

I’ve gushed in this space about Crys before, so most of you who’ve read my posts know what a remarkable man he is — kind, brilliant, compassionate, thoughtful and generally awesome. So in the interest of not taking up too much of your time, let me say that Crys, our sis Terry and I shared a long, wonderful video call Saturday. Every time I see their faces in real time, it fills me with joy.

I always feel like our connection is so real and strong, and it’s no surprise that we’re full-blooded siblings, all the children of the late Betty and Bob Workman. Terry had to drop off the call early to get to Mass with her husband, Rick, but here’s a screenshot of Crys and me from the call (and yes, that’s my newly dyed hair). I’m also posting a cherished memory of Crys as a young Boy Scout in the 1950s in our hometown of Huntington, West Virginia.

Crys, who’s living in Littleton, Colorado, with his daughter Lew, hasn’t had a haircut or trimmed his beard since the pandemic began, and although you can’t see the ponytail, it’s there. He’s doing great at 77 — just had his physical Friday and is in fine health with the exception of nagging arthritis pain. He walks a ton, especially with Lew’s dog Penny, and that helps keep him healthy.

My big brother Crys, the Boy Scout, in Huntington, West Virginia, in the 1950s.

I’m ever so lucky to know this guy and blessed to call him my big brother, along with the big brother I grew up with, Isaac. Happy birthday, Crys! We all love you. ❤

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