Trying to figure out why our poor kitty keeps making a daily habit of throwing up

For weeks, and really going back to December, our Teena has made a habit of, um, throwing up almost daily, often multiple times. Much of the time, it’s just saliva. The vet has tried various meds, including a probiotic, Flagyl and others to treat possible IBS, pancreatitis or gastritis, and we’ve done an extensive blood workup that shows nothing. She’s never lost her appetite, though, and has never acted like she feels all that bad. She’s not getting into anything that would cause this, as far as we know, and it’s certainly not showing up in what we’re cleaning up.

Saturday, the vet decided to give Teena a steroid shot to address any gastrointestinal inflammation she may have, and we’re continuing Flagyl and Cerenia for 2 weeks. If, after that, she goes back to her heaving ways, we’ll do X-rays to see if there might be an obstruction, tumor or something else going on.

Teena was definitely ready to leave the vet’s office Saturday morning after getting a steroid shot. She was growling a bit as I took her photo, but, safely back in her carrier, she’d already calmed down from earlier.

Apparently it’s harder with cats to figure out these kinds of issues than with dogs. We’ve always been dog people, so we don’t really know, having gotten Teena as a kitten in 2012 when our son Will was hankering for a cat. We hate to see her going through this, especially when you hear her crying a few seconds before she’s going to throw up — cats always seem to know it’s coming, whether hairball or classic throw-up.

One side of Teena that has come out during this time: At the vet’s, she’s turned into Monster Cat, screaming, hissing, growling and caterwauling when they try to get her out of her carrier and do anything with her. On the last visit before yesterday, when they did the bloodwork, they had to put some kind of contraption over her carrier that allows her to breathe in an anesthetic so they could do what they needed to. She’s never been this way until the past 3 visits. Think that behavior is here to stay. 😁

Poor Teena. We hope to figure out what’s making her puke — for her sake, and because cleaning up after her is getting a little monotonous. ❣️

8 thoughts on “Trying to figure out why our poor kitty keeps making a daily habit of throwing up

  1. I love dogs but, I’m really a cat person. Cats do vomit more than dogs-hair balls. Usually, it’s pretty obvious it’s a hairball. I would think the vet checked for worms. Often when the vomit is clear like it means it’s mostly bile. That kind of vomiting is often associated with parasites. Good luck. Poor kitty. Oh, btw, it’s not uncommon for cats to turn into the spawn of Satan at the vet’s. I’ve only had one cat who didn’t get pissed and she was the one who died in December. Cammie. She was my baby. I did several blogs on her death. I hope Teena will be ok.

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      1. Teena *seems* to be doing much better. She hasn’t thrown up since she was at the vet Saturday and they gave her the steroid shot. So that may mean it was some kind of inflammatory situation, and the steroid is addressing that. If we go another week w/out vomiting, the vet will put her on an oral steroid 2 or 3 times a week, I think is the plan. It’s been nice not to have to clean up after her ever day, lol! 🙂


  2. I have a bunch of cats and they are all weirdos. Super hard to read. I had one that got in a fight with another cat and had a tiny pin prick of a wound as a result. We didn’t think much of it until one day she just fell over. We took her to the vet and turned out she had an infection that had progressed all the way to sepsis. The moral of that story is that she seemed FINE until she keeled over and almost died. I’m glad you got her to the vet and I pray that you figure out what’s ailing her and that she recovers well.

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    1. Oh my gosh, Holly, that’s crazy! I’m so glad you were got her treated in time. Like I said, we’re really not cat people, although long ago I was in a long-term relationship with a woman who was a cat person (although now she has more dogs than cats). Cats are definitely *very* unique and hard-to-figure creatures! But they can be pretty cool. I still prefer dogs, though. 😉


      1. One day I will have a dog again. They are pretty awesome. I just don’t have the energy to give to one these days. That’s the nice thing about cats. They aren’t as needy. Unless, of course, they are inexplicably barfing all over the place. 🙂

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