Thank you, technology, for connecting me with my birth family loved ones across the miles

Kay and I had a wonderful hourlong video call Sunday with these two people who are incredibly special to me — and have been since they fell into my life 16 years ago. Big Brother Crys Workman and Big Sis Terry (and our brother Robin before he passed away in 2009) have helped fill in so many gaps for me about where I came from and who my biological parents were, because we all share the same ones.

It’s always been amazing to me that, when I discovered my birth family, I found not *younger half-siblings* like most adoptees do, but *older full siblings.* I didn’t learn that my mother had been a teen who became pregnant and had to give me up. Instead, she was a soon-to-be-40-year-old, divorced single mother who had become pregnant a fourth time after her ex-husband didn’t get out of her life as the judge’s decree had dictated. Betty and Bob, it would seem, made poor choices that led to me, but I’ve got to be grateful or I wouldn’t be here.

A screen shot from the video call my sister Terry, brother Crys, wife Kay and I had Sunday afternoon using Google Duo.

This morning as I was getting ready to make the hour-plus commute to bring Alex to school, I got to thinking about the combined ages of my birth sibs and me. Crys is 77, Terry 66 and I’m 60 — that adds up to a big ol’ 203. And if Robin were still with us, he’d have been 74 this past July, which would’ve have made Betty and Bob’s kids a total of 277 years old. That blows my mind.

As we were catching up Sunday, we talked about our various ailments (at the end, Kay said, “I’m doing fine.” ☺️) That includes my continued shoulder problems, chronic headaches and occasional dizzy spells (which I hope to find out the MRI results on Wednesday after missing the previous follow-up appointment). Terry has had a few issues of her own and Crys is dealing with painful arthritis in his hands and wrists that has made it difficult for him to do one of the things he loves — play his guitars. Terry joked that Betty would get a real kick out of seeing three of her four kids sitting together on a video chat talking about all their health issues. We all laughed.

Since Crys, Terry and I haven’t been able to be together in person in about three years, I’m thankful we can see one another’s faces and hear our voices through the miracle of technology once a month. I’m hopeful it won’t be too long before we can be together, either where they live in the Denver area or here in D-FW. ❤

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