Our geriatric rescue terrier Maisy’s runaway adventure ends in a rescue, thanks to the kindness of strangers

Our family had quite an adventure earlier this week — or actually, our sweet 16-year-old rescue terrier mix Maisy did. We’re still not certain exactly how, but she managed to escape from our house for over an hour late Tuesday afternoon, left our SW Arlington subdivision, and made it nearly a mile from our home before some incredibly kind folks rescued her. Maisy made it home safely — unhurt and seemingly no worse for wear after gallivanting on sidewalks, crossing streets, and also being in the middle of Treepoint Drive/Wildcat Way, the busy street Kennedale High School is on.

This all happened after Kay and the kids got home about 4:15 p.m. I had been working from home, and sometime after 5, I went to fill up both of our cars with gas. I came back after filling up the first one and was sitting in the driveway in our second car looking at my phone and about to leave again. Suddenly, Kay threw open the door (scaring the %@$*&! out of me) and asked, “Which street is Blue Mesa?! Annabelle (our neighbor friend) just called and said a dog that looks like Maisy is over there!!”

Kay ran before I could even tell her to get in the car and I drove over to Blue Mesa, which intersects with our street. I drove to where several people were gathered — and sure enough, there was a teen boy with our Maisy on a leash and several other adults including Annabelle. The brief story we got in those frazzled moments was that Annabelle had been picking up her son at band practice at KHS and saw some cars stopped on Treepoint, with several people trying to catch a loose dog (Annabelle soon realized it was Maisy). It wasn’t until early the next morning when I texted Annabelle asking for details that we learned more about what happened.

We’re still not sure how Maisy escaped, but we believe the front door must’ve been open at some point and she snuck out. There’s no way she can get out anywhere in the backyard. We have a “doggie window” in our living room through which she climbs into the backyard numerous times a day, but there’s no fence opening that would allow her an escape route.

A few months ago, we removed Maisy’s collar that has her name and our phone number. Needless to say, when we arrived home after her rescue, the green collar went back on to stay.

It deeply warmed us to know how kindhearted people can be, while also bringing me to tears to think of poor Maisy being lost, scared and what might have happened if not for the gracious nature of the people who stopped to help. On top of being exceedingly geriatric at 16, although in amazingly good health, Maisy is almost totally deaf, so she must’ve been extremely frightened.

Here’s the text Annabelle sent me about the rescue:

“I came upon the traffic backup (about 5-7 cars) about 50 yards south of Blue Mesa on Treepoint. Maisy was standing in the middle of the road. 3 people were trying to catch her (2 women and the boy) while cars turned on hazards and very patiently blocked traffic. Maisy headed south about 25 yards, then turned and ran north, veering onto Blue Mesa. That’s when I realized who she was. The boy followed her closest and cornered her when she desperately tried to get into a house on Blue Mesa. By this time I had pulled up and gotten out. I told them she was old and deaf. The boy carefully put the leash on her. They said they’d been trying to catch her for several minutes and had followed her since Alta Verde (not far from KHS). She was scared and tried to scratch her way through a storm door into a house, but the people trying to catch her were just being kind.”

We didn’t get the name of the mother and son who live on Alta Verde Circle and rescued her, but Annabelle said the boy’s name is Dylan. If any Kennedale folks know who they might be, please let us know so we can properly thank them. Thank God for human kindness — and Maisy, one of our many blessings. ❤

3 thoughts on “Our geriatric rescue terrier Maisy’s runaway adventure ends in a rescue, thanks to the kindness of strangers

  1. That’s so scary. We’re very happy she made it home safely! When Aries and Bailey went missing a few years ago, we also were fortunate to have amazing neighbors who helped us find them. It’s moments like these that remind us how kind and caring people can be. Hugs to Maisy from us! 🧡

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